The project supports the education of children in remote villages by building the infrastructure of the schools in order to facilitate proper education for the children and increase the quality aspects in teaching process. The various necessary infrastructural supports include school buildings, safe drinking water facilities, separate toilets for girls, furniture, school compound walls computers lab equipments etc.  In the schools Despite some progress over the past one year in making education more accessible disparities persist. The disparities limit the workforce opportunities, democratic participation and life chances of students from poor, marginalized backgrounds. Our work seeks to generate policy and institutional reforms that improve standards of teaching and learning and that remove the barriers to successful participation in education. Our Children Foundation's latest initiative on the outreach model of implementing the programmes related to various social causes is aimed towards sustainable social development with special focus on children, youth and women from the minority and underprivileged section of the society. We identify and engage corporate houses and other likeminded development sector agencies to work together for the overall growth of the society. The Outreach Programme is quite distinctive in its approach, Our Children Foundation implements the various community development programmes directly, which are fully supported by the corporate houses and other philanthropic organization. The philosophy of implementation is based on the Foundation's vision of facilitating better living for underprivileged and minority section of society. Some of the programmes currently ongoing under this mode include : " Rural computer training " Various vocational for men and women " Adult education " Entrepreneur development  programmes OCF currently has three schools in West Bengal's rural and semi-rural areas. Almost 1000 children disadvantaged are now receiving free education. who are they..... © Our Children School 2010                                                                                                                                                                    powered by symrod Who are they we are discussing about? - to us they are defenseless, uncared, detached from privileges. let us think that the society is responsible for their suffering. shouldn't we feel it is a crime? Our Children Foundation is managed by Board of Advisors which comprises of individual from diverse backgrounds and expertise. They are dedicated towards their work and responsibility. The body of the foundation is formed for a period of one year but our Patron members remain. In every year some reputed and eminent people are nominated every year.