OCF currently has three schools in West Bengal's rural and semi-rural areas. Almost 1000 children disadvantaged are now receiving free education. who are they..... © Our Children School 2010                                                                                                                                                                    powered by symrod Who are they we are discussing about? - to us they are defenseless, uncared, detached from privileges. let us think that the society is responsible for their suffering. shouldn't we feel it is a crime? The project supports the education of children in remote villages by building the infrastructure of the schools in order to facilitate proper education for the children and increase the quality aspects in teaching process. The various necessary infrastructural supports include school buildings, safe drinking water facilities, separate toilets for girls, furniture, school compound walls computers lab equipments etc.  In the schools Our Children Foundation has recently begun an exciting new art exchange project between primary schools in India and Australia. The Australian host Teacher assists his/her children to create an Art project of their choice. Their package may include a  photo and letter from each child. The package is sent to one of the 3 OCF Schools to a class of similar  age. Our Indian students will then create an Art project to send back to Australia along with a photo and a letter. This exchange may then last for as long as the students stay interested and could also be included in their cultural education classes. The project has been designed to allow for the children to take initiative in their relationship with their OCF School. They may wish to expand their exchange to include Care Packages or plan fundraising events. To get involved, contact Allison Croft at allison@ourchildrenfoundation.org